Jewelry Care Guide

We believe that fine jewelry should be worn and enjoyed on a frequent basis. That it should become a family heirloom, passed from one generation to the next. In order to ensure that your fine jewelry is cherished today and also appreciated by future generations, we provide you with the enclosed information to guide you in the proper treatment of your fine jewelry.

Most Gold and Platinum jewelry can be cleaned in a warm soap and water solution using a very soft brush. To dissolve grease or grime, use alcohol or a non-abrasive, jewelry specific cleaner. Be sure to rinse the pieces thoroughly in warm water after such a cleaning. Dry and buff the jewelry with a soft cloth.

Certain precautions should be followed in caring for any piece of gemstone jewelry. These include avoiding: wearing during activities that will cause impact or abrasion (i.e. gardening, weight lifting or sports), extreme temperatures (hot or cold), and contact with cosmetics, perfumes or household chemicals. All gemstone settings should be examined regularly to ensure the gems are held securely.

Complementing your proper and regular home care of your fine jewelry pieces with regular visits to Von Bargen’s for professional examination and cleaning will ensure that your jewelry is enjoyed today and for years to come. Von Bargen’s provides complimentary cleaning and inspections to ensure that your gemstones are beautiful, safe and secure in their settings.

The following guidelines will help to assure your fine jewelry remains beautiful for your lifetime and future generations:
-Visit your local jeweler for a professional inspection at minimum twice a year. If you are in Vermont or New Hampshire visit Von Bargen's!
- Examine your jewelry routinely for secure settings and clasps.
- Make sure your jewelry is properly sized.
- Only clean your jewelry at home if you are familiar with its gemstone type(s) and specific care instructions.
- Do not use gold and silver cleaners interchangeably. Gold cleaners should be used only for gold and silver cleaners only for silver.
- Avoid storing or wearing your gemstones and pearls in locations that receive extended exposure to sunlight.
- Avoid storing or wearing your silver jewelry in salty air.
- Never use paper towels to clean pearls or jewelry.
- Avoid home ultrasonic cleaners unless you are certain that it is appropriate for your gemstone or jewelry.
- Store your jewelry in individual compartments, safe from the potential abrasion caused by contact with other jewelry or items.

Remove jewelry when:
- Lifting weights or shoveling
- Engaging in manual labor or hand intensive chores
- Cleaning the house or using harsh chemicals
- Painting or refinishing furniture
- Applying cosmetics such as lotion or perfume
- Doing laundry
- Swimming in the pool or sitting in a hot tub
- Bathing
- Experiencing extreme cold, heat or the change between them
- When in doubt about the proper care for your fine jewelry, ask Von Bargen’s. We are here to help ensure that your jewelry and its beauty lasts for many generations.

Always store your jewelry, at home or when traveling, individually in separate compartments in your jewelry box or pouch. When improperly stored, gemstone jewelry items can damage each other. For example, diamonds will scratch all other gemstones including rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other diamonds. Additionally, gemstones will scratch gold, silver and platinum.