Our Story

Ali Dumont

Ali’s history with jewelry is a long one. With her mother's jewelry bench and art studio in her living room, Ali watched daily as treasured pieces were brought into existence. Later, after rebelling and getting her degree in business Ali returned to art.  The need to create inspired pencil to paper and Ali filled books with her own jewelry sketches.  

The juxtaposition of textures, colors, and shapes and the way they interact with one another is at the root of each of Ali's designs.  She is fascinated with the creative spirit and its desire to organize the earth’s splendor into wearable forms of self expression. The pieces are playful, lively, and exemplify the expertise of our jewelers.

 “ I believe jewelry is a tangible memory, a piece of yourself for the next to hold and carry into the future. Beyond the metal and stones, jewelry holds memories and the personal stories we attach to it. The secret meaning within each piece glistens off the precious metals and shines through the joy in our eyes. That ingredient is priceless.”

“Adornment is a basic human need.  Before clothing there was jewelry. It is a symbol of love, accomplishment, a marker of a moment.  And all that goodness should be given to oneself.  There is no need to wait for someone to give it to you.”